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CloudSecurity is a pillar for organizations leveraging Cloud Capabilities

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Understand the Threat Terrain

Leveraging the cloud has significant benefits on the operational and business level for organizations allow them to grow at the speed of business economically. For both regulated and non-regulated industry businesses, key considerations have to be addressed by organizations including data privacy, and maintaining PCI-DSS compliance for card processing organizations, Breach disclosure compliance amongst others.

Data Privacy. Handling your customer/sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in a safe manner that ensures the customer/citizen/employees privacy regulations are adhered to. Lack of compliance might expose organizations to severe penalties as stipulated in the case of GDPR reaching  €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover – whichever is higher. Consideration of multi-tenancy and information encryption and key management are key within organizations and application services context.

Architecture Resilience. Many organizations rush to deploying their cloud initiatives while lacking the appropriate architecture. Whilst cloud providers like AWS, AZURE, GoogleCloud and other providers are capable and flexible to allow different architectural deployment models, many organizations fail to leverage such capabilities which results in security and availability issues

Identity Management & Audit Control One of the great benefits of the cloud services is the ability to effectively identity management and allows a flexible model that can be both integrated as well audited. Misconfiguration of rights results in significant breaches that impacts organizations. Therefore, auditing the Identity and Access Management is crucial.

Common Risks include:

1. Data Breaches: Both accidental due to Human error or misconfiguraiton or malicious through an attacker.

2. Identity/Access/Keys Exposure: Not having appropriate controls for defining, refining and protecting identities, access and keys results in significant breach

3. Misconfiguration related Exposure: Due to a number of factors including poor configuration/change management program leading to security breaches and data exposure

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Secure Cloud Transformation

Our expert team will assist you in charting a secure roadmap that will cover the overall journey assuring that capabilities are in-place to meet compliance and privacy concerns by design.

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Cloud Validation Services

Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) extends a suite of services are available to assess the architecture security, controls and deployment configuration including a number of on-demand services

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Compliance Assurance

Meeting compliance requirements is essential to adhere to the regulatory standards and industry-specific rules that safeguard the operation of business. Our consultants help organizations meet there compliance requirements

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