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Cyber Defence Services

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Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) helps organizations be ready and anticipate. We offer a range of services that enables organizations to:

  • Validate technical defence controls effectiveness for organizations

  • Detect Human, Systems, and Applications vulnerabilities

  • Provide Compliance-based assurance 

Simulated Cyber Attacks

Top-down assessment for organizational capabilities and its current posture and future target state

Penetration Testing

Ensure compliance to International and regulatory Standards (PCI-DSS, ISO27001, National Mandates) 

Vulnerability Management

Validate architectures at different layers including Network, Applications and Systems




Ensure Compliance with Regulators and International Standards.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Free your internal resources and gain unbiased assessment


Transform Securely

Ensure that current-state to target state transformation initiatives are aligned to organization Risk Appetite

Speed of Execution

On-demand execution or managed assessments for compliance

Make Informed Decisions

Third-party independent assessment helps gain true insight and help organizations prioritize their spending

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Financial Services Sector
This financial services firm provides key critical services for the nations financial system. While modernizing its infrastructure, the recognized the need to secure its operating infrastructure. Therefore, it tasked Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) to conduct a security architecture assessment.
Security Architecture Assessment
Our expert team successfully engaged with the client and conducted both table-top assessments, third-party assessments and configuration assessment on the entire network infrastructure incorporating PCI-DSS compliance requirements. The team identified key gaps within the current architecture and provided recommendations from future-state and compliance perspectives.

The security architecture Assessment provided actionable reports that helped the organization prioritize their PCI-DSS compliance as well as enabling missing controls along with the revised security architecture.