Cyber Resilience

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Cyber Resilience Services

Become Unshakeable!!

 When the undesired Occurs.. Be Prepared..

Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) help organizations stay resilient against cyber attacks and other undesired events. We offer a range of services that enables organizations to:

  • Capture Use Case Scenarios & Plan Appropriate Response

  • Enable Relevant Communication/Crisis Management Plans

  • Train Employees to deal with different types of cases

  • Conduct Drills to test readiness

Cyber Resilience Assessment

Know where your level of readiness today. Where you need to be tomorrow to be resilient

Incident Response (IR)

Ensure that you are able to respond to different types of incidents within your environment

Crisis/Emergency and Business Continuity Management

Validate architectures at different layers including Network, Applications and Systems



Peace of Mind

Knowing your current state and proactively building your resilience capability will help you manage Business Risks

Knowing What to do in Crisis is Vital

Having the right communication plans and call trees are essential in the time of Crisis

Reduces risk of Financial Loss

Being resilient, you protect against long disruption to operations which translates to loss of revenue and reputation exposure in the marketplace. 


Transform Securely

Ensure that current-state to target state transformation initiatives are aligned to organization Risk Appetite

Respond Fast & Recover

On-demand execution or managed assessments for compliance

Make Better Informed Decisions

Third-party independent assessment helps gain true insight and help organizations prioritize their spending


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Banking Sector
This Bank provides citizens with different services to their clients and operates within country-wide services to citizens extending loans and other financial services.
Whilst the bank operated a disaster recovery site and tested their fail-over capability, they wanted additional assurance of their current posture and resilience capability. 
Resilience Assessment & Business Continuity Planning

Our expert team successfully engaged with the client and conducted two-week assessment of their current state of operation, identified critical gaps relating to Processes, People and Technology that were missing and delivered a comprehensive report of their current capability and the target state they need to be in and identified key risks to be immediately actioned by the bank.

Upon conclusion of the exercise, the client understood their current resilience state and embarked on corrective actions for the critical risks identified. Additionally, they have engaged in full business continuity initiative including ISO22301 certification.