Cybersecurity Strategies and Roadmap

With unprecedented growth in cyber-attacks and data breaches costing business millions every year, cybersecurity is an imperative on the strategic agenda. 

Strategy steers organizational direction and helps shape an information security organization to enable the business. The strategy also address the emerging Cybersecurity trends and threats, the transformation roadmap takes into account the time that the security organization will require to mature.

PANCBS provides security program assessment, identifying the key transformation requirements and development of Cybersecurity strategy and transformation roadmap. Our program assessment covers all relevant domains. 

Our recommendations are aligned with applicable industry best practices and regulatory requirements such as COBIT and ISO 38500 for governance, NIST 800-37, NIST 800-53, and ISO 27001 for security, ISO 22301 for business resilience, NIST CSF, FFIEC for Cybersecurity.


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Business leaders in both strategic and operational roles must answer vital questions

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Key Challenges

Exposure to cyber threats like Fraud, Theft, Intrusion, sabotage etc.
Compliance with regulatory requirements like personal data protection, infrastructure resilience etc.
Humans are the weakest link and are generally overlooked
Prioritization of Investment in cybersecurity activities
Delivering business-aligned cybersecurity initiatives with the risk appetite of the organization


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How will I benefit from Cybersecurity Program?

1. Proactively assess and plan to address prioritized risks
2. Right coverage of all security domains
3. Activate technology/controls
4. Minimizes risk exposure
5. Cost-effective spending based on risk
6. Understand current threats
7. Measured and Consistent execution of activities
8. Documented KRIs, and roadmap execution

So how do you protect your organization from the different vectors of attack ?

We offer a cybersecurity health check identifying your key assets and assessing your current practices of security countermeasures deployed. Based on this we analyze the gaps and determine your future secure state and recommend improvement opportunities. After this, we will formulate a cyber security roadmap for securing your business data.

Why fall victim to a cyber-attack?

Make a Difference.. Move ahead by charting your way forward.