Penetration Testing

Service Overview

Cyber-attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and corporate espionage are threatening organizations every day and compromising organization assets as well as client data and breaching compliance for many organizations.

A regular and frequent penetration testing internally as well as externally ensures that the organization assets are secure.

The approaches for implementing Penetration testing are as follow:

  • Black Box Testing: The Penetration Tester does not have information about or access to the application or technologies involved in structuring the site/solution
  • Grey Box Testing: A limited-knowledge and access is shared with the Penetration tester to allow validation of business logic and other functionalities
  • White Box Testing: Full support and access to source code to identify vulnerabilities is planned





Client Benefits:

  • Compliance with PCI-DSS standards and other regulations
  • Reduced Organizational Exposure
  • Integrated Risk Management Platform




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