Enterprise Security Architecture Review

Service Overview

As information security is becoming more relevant to organization, so is building and fixing their existing security architecture. The security architecture Model is composed of key components:

  • Data Classification: Key component in establishing risk-based security architecture for information sharing
  • Data Security Model (Information Handling Procedures): Covering all aspects of information at different levels (Processes, users, physical devices, facilities, etc)
  • Regulatory Bodies/Leading Practices: Compliance with certain standards influence the security architecture (i.e. PCI-DSS, ISO, etc)
  • Detection of intrusion and vulnerabilities: Covering components within the architecture that enable the detection capability within the infrastructure of an organization
  • Prevention: The infrastructure should be proactive by having methods of preventing unauthorized access or manipulation of its information.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: how response to incidents is handled within the infrastructure of an organization


Client Benefits:

  • Minimize Operational and Reputational Risk
  • Improve overall information security posture
  • Deliver an integrated management Governance, Risk and Compliance Program
  • Improve security awareness



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