Security Risk Assessment

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Every organization invests in people, systems, process development, and facilities to deliver its services to its clients and flourish. Organizations have become more agile to meet the market demand by introducing well-integrated systems and straight-through processes and have modified policies to meet such a demanding environment such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Security Risk Assessment is crucial as regular part of a comprehensive Risk Management Governance Framework to ensure that:

  • Address increasing number of threats and attacks;
  • Organizational Assets are constantly Identified and Classified;
  • Threat spectrum for assets is covered;
  • Risk Analysis is conducted regularly with impact analysis;
  • Enables early planning for mitigation plans and assessment of tolerance levels.


Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help organizations within Security Risk Assessment by:

  • Executing comprehensive security assessment;
  • Data/Asset Classification;
  • Security Governance Model Review;
  • Security Risk Audit;
  • Enablement of Automation of Security Risk Management.


 Model :

  • IPanorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) builds its Security Risk Assessment based on two key international standards ISO31000:2009 and ISO27001:2013. PANCBS addresses the security risks within organizations by following the methodology shown below


     - Discovery: Identify organizational assets covering Governance, People, Processes, Systems, and facilities

     - Threat Classification: Process the types of threats and their capabilities and history

     - Probability: Identify the probability by analyzing the events and their frequency and loss probability

     - Impact: Assess the impact of the security risk on the organization (i.e. financial, brand, etc)

     - Assess Risk Appetite: Consider organizational risk tolerance

     - Mitigation Planning: Create appropriate Mitigation Plans for dealing with security risks

     - Deploy: Create an integrated governance model to address security risks/Integrate with existing framework.



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