Vulnerability Assessment 

Service Overview

With the proliferation and advancement of technology, so many vulnerabilities are introduced by the minute. As organization expand their infrastructure, their networks, servers, and software they need to ensure up-to-date patching for their infrastructure against the various types of vulnerabilities.

Both internal as well as external vector of attacks subject an organization to exposure and vulnerabilities. Therefore, a vulnerability assessment program should ensure that the processes as well as the systems are reviewed and addressed.

Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions can help organizations:

  • Achieve Compliance: Through periodic scanning of organization assets patching.
  • Process Evaluation: Identify Process loopholes that are causing compliance/vulnerabilities.



Multi-stage approach that utilizes both manual as well as automated tools to conduct the following phases:




Client Benefits:

  • Maintain Compliance of your Organization
  • Realize Security Posture of Organization
  • Address Critical Risks
  • Identify Where to focus your efforts



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