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Regulatory bodies started to zoom in technically on the Information Technology in most of Audit Reports since most of running business operations depend mainly on IT-Systems. Saying this, Internal Auditors started to recommend IT Specialists to conduct the scope of Internal Audit for thorough and vertical scanning on all aspects of IT.


Since robust IT environments always need highly effective implemented controls starting from identifying the IT Strategy/Roadmap until getting to the level of system functionalities and implemented controls; Most of the CIOs and IT Leaders started to feel the challenges due to inconsistency between the implemented architecture/solutions and the exact business scope/vision/requirements. This will automatically lead to:

  • Realizing less than the targeted Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the investment.
  • Incompliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Considerable variance between the documented policies/procedures/processes and implemented functionalities.
  • Abusing the IT Architecture and difficulty in future scalability.
  • Increasing number of threats and attacks.
  • Inability to improve existing environment/system/application due to missing the tracking of changes and improvement initiatives.
  • Losing the control on the systems’ functionalities and/or outputs.
  • High probability for security breach.


Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) has a unique approach for identifying such pain areas and how to tackle it effectively based on existing organization assets. PANCBS addresses the IT environments based on the following layers:


Based on these layers, PANCBS are following the below IT Audit Methodology to conduct full comprehensive IT Audit engagement.

  •  Planning – based on the organization capacity (technology, applications, infrastructure, IT Team … etc.), designing the customized checklist … etc.
  • Studying and Evaluating Controls – technical, functional and process controls over different layers as mentioned in our model.
  • Testing and Evaluating Controls – checking implemented control effectiveness.
  • Reporting – reflect full comprehensive report with all findings in a way to facilitate the resolutions of the findings.
  • Follow-up – following up with the findings’ resolutions as well as improvement initiative will be the crucial product out of this assignment besides the reporting to the regulatory bodies.


Client Benefits:

  • Compliance is consistently realized within the environment.
  • Minimize Risk exposure across the organization.
  • Improved security due to closure of findings.
  • Consistency across IT infrastructure.


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