IT Risk Management 

Service Overview

In business today, risk is introduced as we plan new business initiatives and normally businesses focus on market, operational and credit risks and tend to identify and manage the business risk related to the use of IT to enable such business initiatives.

Incorporating IT risk into organization initiative planning is critical to reduce risk exposure and ensure higher success rate of initiatives since technology platform in general is the key enabler for most business initiatives.


Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions can help organizations:

  • Create Awareness about IT Risk Management.
  • Build and promote a governance model.
  • Identify, and evaluate IT Risks through international standards approach.
  • Develop IT Risk management response plan.
  • Develop risk communication.





Client Benefits:

  • Provides guidance to help executives and management ask the key questions, make better, more informed risk-adjusted decisions and guide their enterprises so risk is managed effectively.
  • Helps save time, cost and effort with tools to address business risks.
  • Integrates the management of IT-related business risks into overall enterprise risk management.
  • Helps leadership understand the enterprise’s risk appetite and risk tolerance.
  • Provides practical guidance driven by the needs of enterprise leadership around the world.



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