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"If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." - Abraham Maslow

Setting the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is fundamental for organizations that use them to achieve their strategic objectives. Alignment of KPIs and ensuring that they are being reported and measured appropriately is key for organization’s success and is often more challenging for organizations.

Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) helps organizations in:

  • KPI Definition:- Identification of relevant KPIs to Business, People, and Systems.
  • KPI Measurement:- Deliver a Benchmarking and Governance Framework.
  • KPI Alignment:- Align Existing KPIs to organizational strategic objectives.




PANCBS delivery model is based on:

  • Discovery:– Exploring Organizational factors as well as technical aspects of the environment.
  • Assess :-Conduct Gap Analysis of domains requiring KPIs.
  • Implement :- Deliver KPI frameworks, documentations and align to organization objectives.
  • Review :- Deliver a governance and Benchmarking framework to monitor and improve KPIs.


Client Benefits:

Alignment of KPIs to overall business objective.

  • Reduces Organizational Risk.
  • Customer Satisfaction.


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