Business Process Mapping

Service Overview

Many organizations might operate quite effectively within certain domains while lacking a documented process that demotivate operation teams understand the process and identify opportunities for improvement.

Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions Offers Business Process Mapping service in a more efficient way.



The model for creating the process maps is shown below with the following steps,

1 – Identify the process for which we need to make the process map,

2 – Identify the people/ stakeholders related to that process,

3 – Conduct the brainstorming with stakeholders to know the sub processes, sequences between that, etc.

4 – Properly sequences the sub processes and link all events and prepare a draft process map.

5 – Once the process map will be approved by process owner then make it final.


Client Benefits:

·         Track workflows,
·         Easily demonstrate resource allocation,
·         Improve the understanding of work processes with documented business processes,
·         Increase staff awareness regarding their roles or point of action,
·         Provides an overall view of the entire business structure.

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