Policies and Procedures 

Service Overview

Compliance across organizations is assured through policies that are defined and enforced across the various departments and implemented across systems along with their relevant .

In order to comply with regulations and meet relevant standards, every organization has to enable a number of policies and procedures:

  • Internal Policies & Procedures
  • Standards Policies & Procedures
  • Regulatory Risk/Compliance Policies & Procedures
  • System-specific Policies & Procedures


Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help your organization in:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation of Policies & Procedures
  • Define Stakeholders requirements
  • Implementation of Awareness Programs/Training
  • Management of Periodic Update for Policies and Procedures


Client Benefits:

  • Compliance with latest standards/regulatory bodies
  • Reduced Risk Exposure
  • Improved Staff Awareness


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