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It has been categorically proven that project/program success rate dramatically increases when managed within proper governance model and appropriate planning and reporting structures within organizations.

Whilst the value for PMO originated within IT function, many large organizations have multiple PMOs with enterprise or corporate level pivotal role that plans, balances, manages, and/or delivers an enterprise level portfolio that meets the strategic objectives of the organization through an implementation of a cascaded governance model across the rest of the PMOs.

Effective PMOs irrespective of their type (Monitoring, Directive, Delivery, etc) have a number of things in common:

  • Clearly Defined Governance Model.
  • Proactive rather than Reactive with forecasting and risk mitigation plans in place.
  • Superior Stakeholder Management and effective communication and reporting techniques.
  • Effective use of portfolio/project management tools.
  • Ability to improve project management practices maturity within its scope (i.e. department, Enterprise, etc).


With wealth of PMO setup at different levels covering Enterprise and function specific, Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions can help your organization:

  • Achieve higher project success delivery rate through setting up a new PMO practice for critical function.
  • Improve the project delivery capability and governance for existing PMOs by conducting full PMO review and transformation.
  • Conduct Gap Analysis for Hard/Soft Skills required for PMO Services.
  • Provide Interim Program/Project Support Services to help transition PMO function.
  • Conduct PMO Audit to ensure effectiveness and measure capabilities.




Client Benefits:

  • Higher success rate in achieving Return On Investment (ROI) objectives
  • Assurance that the right projects are qualified and selected with a balanced portfolio
  • Improved organizational Project Delivery Capability and Project Management Maturity
  • Better utilization of resources through planning function
  • Enhanced Risk Management for project execution
  • Skills and Stakeholder Management improvement
  • Uniform approach across organization with unbiased visibility to project delivery and capability







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