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Service Overview

As projects are implemented within organizations, they transition between different teams and stakeholders with ultimate goal of contributing to the effort within their capacity. Therefore, despite the quality assurance and control function, there still are key things to consider in a project as an external reviewer of the entire process including the Quality Components. Normally, initial analysis takes place after a period of three months to consider:

  • Business Benefit Tracking.
  • Deliverables Completion.
  • Issues Closure/Resolution.
  • Lessons Learned Captured.


A second round of review should be conducted in alignment with the business case in order to ensure that the business benefits are achieved as originally planned. Such comprehensive review should cover all aspects of the project/program being reviewed with considering a number of change models including the famous 7-S Model, which is proven to be relevant and comprehensive, most organization change initiatives fail due to:

  • Integration Issues (Culture, People, Systems).
  • Poor Communication.
  • Forceful Change Approach – Human Resistance to Change.
  • Inappropriate Stakeholder Management.
  • Missing supporting training programs to enable adoption of change.


Our Change Management leaders at Panorama Consulting and Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help your Organization:-

  • Develop a Change Management Plan with clear objectives aligned to the strategy.
  • Assist in stakeholder analysis and communication planning.
  • Enable the team through frameworks and techniques.
  • Measure the change program effectiveness.
  • Provide Change Management Support Services to help in goal achievement.



Client Benefits:

  • Early alert to missing capabilities/benefits.
  • Gradual measurement of the benefit realization.
  • Engagement of relevant stakeholders.
  • Independent unbiased view of the delivery.


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