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Are you interested in creating Center of Excellence (CoE) at your organization through support services you deliver? Are delivering managed services or outsourcing to your clients? Are you considering outsourcing either to internal or external customers? If the answer is YES, let’s learn how this could be done through a certified quality system.


Nowadays’ challenge became not only on delivering the required services requested from your client, but also the prompt/agreed delivery time! And since most of the services industries rely on technology applications and infrastructure to facilitate their business operations, ISO/IEC 20000 with the core support of individuals practicing ITIL (i.e. Information Technology Infrastructure Library) came to deploy full comprehensive Services Management System. By adopting ITIL approaches to knowledge-based information and self-help, it was able to reduce costs of support by more than 75% while at the same time increasing user satisfaction with the service, and improving user productivity.


ISO/IEC 20000 is the international standard for Services Management Systems (SMS). This certification qualifies organizations’ services management system against the best practices implemented through ITIL Framework. ISO/IEC 20000 has two parts. Part 1 of the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard lays out a specification for a service management system (SMS). Part 2 provides guidance on SMS implementation.


Either your organization is banking, telecom, oil & gas, governmental or private sector; Panorama Consulting & Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help your organization achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certificate through the following added-values:

  • Establishing comprehensive IT Services Management assessment exercise to evaluate the current organization status against the standard requirements based on ITIL Framework.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Prioritizing IT improvements to achieve the greatest business impact, without pushing you towards particular technologies.
  • Improving user and customer satisfaction with IT.
  • Increasing branding loyalty through good service quality.
  • Helping you selecting the relevant technology when it comes to processes automation.
  • Implementing full-fledged processes that are easily integrated with high quality technical controls.
  • Identifying different Service Management roles and responsibilities.
  • And achieving high quality awareness across your organization.


·         Service Management System general requirements

a.       Management responsibility

b.      Governance of processes operated by other parties

c.       Documentation management

d.      Resource management

e.      Establish and improve the SMS

·         Design and transition of new or changed services

a.       Plan new or changed services

b.      Design and development of new or changed services

c.       Transition of new or changed services

·         Services delivery processes

a.       Service level management

b.      Service reporting

c.       Service continuity and availability management

d.      Budgeting and accounting for services

e.      Capacity management

f.        Information security management

·         Relationship processes

a.       Business relationship management

b.      Supplier management

·         Resolution processes

a.       Incident and service request management

b.      Problem management

·         Control processes

a.       Configuration Management

b.      Change Management

c.       Release and deployment management


PANCBS Advantage:

  • We deliver ISO/IEC 20000 quality system based on the ITIL Framework.
  • Our experts have the background of each industry specific (Telecom, Banking, Technology, Oil & Gas …).
  • Our experts are certified Lead Auditors.
  • Bilingual Trainers and Auditors.
  • Our system is designed based on ISO/IEC 20000:2011 standard, i.e. latest version, best practices in process reengineering, Organization’s policies and procedures related to ITSM, and regulatory bodies (Central Banks, Industrial Authorities, Ministry of Trade … etc.).




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