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While we witness everyday a lot of information security breaches at key sensitive organizations, Information Security practice became not just couple of monitoring and controlling tools, but it proved that it needs a reliable system to establish policies, procedures and even technical controls to ensure the right defending gates for the organizations. Based on the latest information security survey we found that the Information Security attacks are not just causing a loss of information or trade secrets or even controlled operations, but also losing the credibility of the organizations in front of investors, customers and the community. Saying this, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has presented ISO 27001 as a full comprehensive standard to cover the Information Security Management System (ISMS).


Most of the regulatory bodies assert the essence of Information Security to assure safe trade and secure business transactions without such catastrophic threats. ISO 27001:2013 can maturely cover Information Security Policies and Procedures, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Human Resources and Physical Security …etc.

Now, it became a mandatory call from business entities working with sensitive information like financial services, telecom, oil & gas, and public sector, to seek ISO27001 Consultation and Certification to guarantee two levels of benefits:- 

  • (a) Internal Benefits; through controlled data center environment, classified information, monitored and controlled information security topology.
  • (b) External Benefits; through gaining more confidence from the stakeholders (customers, community, and investors).

At Panorama Consulting & Business Solutions (PANCBS), we are specialized at Information Security as our core practice of expertise since our track records and high qualified experts are both delivering the quality result expected from our clients.



·         ISMS Scoping: Scoping exercise based on organization’s vision for the certificate.

·         Gap Analysis:  This assessment is conducted against ISO27001:2013 requirements and controls.

·         ISMS Documentation: ISMS system documentation will be based on ISO27001:2013 standard requirements.

·         Training: Awareness training, Accredited and non-accredited Internal Audit Training.

·         ISMS Implementation: Jointly manage and monitor the implementation at the organization under our senior consultants’ supervision.

·         ISO27001 Internal Audit and Post Implementation Review: first assurance and system readiness.

·         Certification Audit: we facilitate the process on behalf of the organization with its Certification body of choice.


PANCBS Advantage:

  • Most of the ISO27001:2013 implementations need some technical experience like penetration testing or vulnerability assessment assignments independently as mandatory records for the system. PANCBS can engage with the client to add such Add-On Security Services so we can save efforts and time dealing with multiple suppliers to gain the certification.
  • Our experts are certified Lead Auditors ISO27001.
  • Our system is designed based on ISO27001:2013 standard, i.e. latest version, best practices in Information Security, Organization’s policies and procedures related to ISMS, and Kuwaiti regulatory bodies (CBK & CMA).
  • Smooth Certification/Re-certification Process.




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