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In our today’s business challenges we witness a lot of risks more than before. This is due a lot of factors; technology advancement, business expansions, trade regulations, and even individuals’ shared communities. No organization is immune since we can never eliminate the commonly known risks (or even the new emerging risks). However we can establish a framework to manage it effectively in a controlled and acceptable manner.


Organizations face different types of risks based on its root-cause; like financial, operational and even technology risks …etc. Since most of today’s business transactions are based on technology applications/tools, so considerable risk factors have been lately identified through the technology risks.


To address all these risks in a standardized framework, International Standardization Organization (ISO) has issued ISO31000 Standard to tackle Risk Management Principles, framework, guiding controls and processes.


The ISO 31000 identifies the framework and process for managing the risk as following:


By Implementing 31000:2009 Standard; Panorama Consulting & Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help your organization with the following:-

  • Identify all sources of risks associated with its impacts in your environment.
  • Identify risk analysis techniques and implementation methodology.
  • Apply effective controls to minimize the operational losses through effective risk mitigation approach.
  • Improve your effectiveness in implementing controls.
  • Increase clients and stakeholders’ confidence in the organization’s resilience.
  • Monitor and evaluate the risk incidents with protective and corrective actions.


Client Benefits:

  • Framework for risk management within an organization.
  • Stakeholder identification and involvement in the risk management process.
  • Ready to implement policies, processes and procedures.




What ISO standards do for you


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