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Organization management is the foundational core function at any business starting from managing internal basic transactions till processing end-product and/or service. Most of the companies are suffering to streamline their business processes and develop existing management system which tackle most of the core supporting functions (HR, Finance, Inventory, Quality, Planning, Customer Services ..etc) and business-driven functions (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Manufacturing, …etc).


ISO9001 is so called the mother of standards since it consolidates a comprehensive management model that will maturely establish the following areas:-

  • Designing Organization Structure.
  • Management, operational and supporting functions’ Policies and Procedures.
  • Documenting the organization Business Processes.
  • Creating and unifying the transactional forms/templates.
  • Managing internal operations.
  • Managing the suppliers.
  • Managing clients.
  • Creating unified and integrated business processes with all related transactional forms.


With customer-driven processes, ISO9001:2008 is positioning its added-value to your organization through a comprehensive policies, procedures and manuals. Apparently the benefits of implementing ISO 9001:2008 will positively impact on your organization internally and externally. Internal benefits will cover the controlled processes, decreasing losses, cutting-costs, increasing productivity, documented policies and procedures that will facilitate any automation process and high quality products. However, external benefits will present a great competitive advantage when you position your organization as certified ISO9001, better customer services, promote internal market positioning, increase customer and investors’ confidence in the organization’s management system. 


Now, it became a mandatory call for suppliers regardless the business industry or services/products provided to be certified ISO9001 organization to be able to present a quality service. Panorama Consulting & Business Solutions (PANCBS) can help you implementing effective ISO9001:2008 with the best-practices needed for each industry (Manufacturing, Hospitality, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Governmental, Education, Financial Services . . . .etc.). 




  • Scoping :- Scoping exercise based on organization’s vision for the certificate.
  • Gap Analysis :- This assessment is conducted against ISO9001:2008 requirements and controls.
  • System Documentation :- System documentation will be based on ISO9001:2008 standard requirements.
  • Training :- Awareness training, Accredited and non-accredited Internal Audit Training.
  • ISO9001 Implementation :- Jointly manage and monitor the implementation at the organization under our senior consultants’ supervision .
  • ISO9001 Internal Audit and Post Implementation Review :- first assurance and system readiness .
  • Certification Audit :- we facilitate the process on behalf of the organization with its Certification body of choice.


PANCBS Advantage:

  • Our business process re-engineering experts are supporting the system documentation phase and try to design the most effective process with less operational fats.
  • Our experts are certified Lead Auditors.
  • Bilingual Trainers and Auditors.
  • Our system is designed based on ISO9001:2008 standard, i.e. latest version, best practices in process re-engineering, Organization’s policies and procedures, and regulatory bodies (Central Banks, Industrial Authorities, Ministry of Trade … etc.).



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