Plan  Execute  Measure  Report

PANCBS Managed Compliance is a flexible turn-key compliance service that allows clients to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Plan Compliance: Creating Assessment Plans for the organization

  • Execute Compliance: Executing compliance assessment against (PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, etc)

  • Measure Compliance: Ensuring that all relevant actions have been addressed

  • Report on Compliance: Providing visibility through relevant dashboards and reports

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Financial Services

Managing Compliance Requirements with limited resources
This key services company key services and is regulated under financial services standards. The company embarks on creating new services or enhancing their infrastructure regularly. They required assurance of compliance to the board of directors and most importantly to ensure that their services were operating according to compliance standards.
Strategic Answer to the Problem
Upon engaging PANCBS MANAGED COMPLIANCE, this services organization was provided with managed compliance plan options to meet their specific needs.A plan was formed to identify the key assessment, evaluation and Re-assessment stages including reporting/dashboards.  The Services Organization resolved the reported compliance findings and initiated the appropriate compliance reports.

The Services Company achieved clear compliance objectives set and were able to report on compliance to the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner and effectively.